Monday, January 6, 2014

Merry Christmasssss ♥


♥ 温馨  下雪 ♥ 火鸡  香槟 

♥ Rose 

Lunch v dear 
 ♥ Sakura restaurant 

  The Hobbit 

Christmas Tree v Bear  

 Dinner at Dongdaemon 

♥ Exchange gift 

wat a coincidence we buy the same gift =目

Thank everything u give for mii
Love u much much

Monday, June 3, 2013

KL trip v dear ♥

Finally i can go travel ady  
although just go KL oni
but still satisfied 
coz i got my dear =D

We start our journey at 8am

wat a hapi mood XD

After three hours
We reach Timesquare
hungry ady 
first snake we ate is...
actually muar oso can eat tat

After shopping at Timesquare & sungai wang
 we reach farenheit to eat our lunch =)
but my boy ady gastic >,<
 i really love to eat sushi zanmai
most favour food for mii at KL ^^

look delicious lea~
really nice =D

 Take picha before eat ♥
 my dear's dessert
mocha ice
 like a child enjoy his ice-cream XD

 Took picha while waiting him for the toilet XDDD

while i force him to take tis picha
he keep loud " i dunwan, i dunwan"
walauuuu, so many ppl look v us 
so embarrassed >.<

tis one is superman's gf ??
i dunnoe XP
 After lunch we continue enjoy the snowflake at sungai wang

 meet my ex-classmate to eat dinner
miss them so much ><
 i love tis picha so much 
but whr siewyun eyes ><

 shiyee, my best friend at ktar
study together, lunch together & sleep together
miss the time she always call mii to wake up when i late for class XDD

 After separate v them,
we start to find hotel to rest
so unlucky tat day is holiday
all hotel near college are FULL
wth, whr we going to sleep
nervous & tired until wanna to cry
my boy hug & talk to mii
" my dear dun cry, we suffer it together "
♥ so touching ♥ 

After two hours
we finally found a hotel
our legs sooooo pain TvT
 our small room, nice ♥ 

Air-con & TV is most enjoy for the time 
 Prepare to sleep ady =S
 Good nite my dear ♥

Second day, the first one to wake up is...
 sure is mii~hahaha
 Sleep like a boss~ lol
my dear, wake up lorrrrr~

finally~wake up ady~hahaha

 take picha before we check out =]

After we go KLCC,
we rest at pavilion, starbucks
my boy de favourite =D

 Despicable mii~~~
so cute la them

 walk so far form KLCC just wan to take picha v them

 eat lao you gui gui while waiting the bus at TBS
keep eating la tis pig XDDD
Last picha,
End for our travel
our sweet memory ♥
we make a promise
will got a next chance to travel together again
♥ love you, my dear ♥